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Champ Camp / beginner & Advanced

Talk about fast paced. This class is so much fun.  Learn real boxing techniques in a boot camp class setting. With over 40+ bags we have plenty of room for you to move. In the class you will hit the bags, phocus mitts, and finish strong with a 15 min High intensity free weight HIIT boot camp. Come test yourself, and your health. This class is strictly FUN~n~FITNESS.

Jr. Champs Camp / boys ages 7-14

This is the perfect class for any young person to assist in developing a humble foundation of confidence, both mentally and physically that will transfer over well with any sport and life. Junior Champs will practice jump roping, push ups, sit ups and of course ALL THINGS BOXING. The students will learn the sport of boxing and understand the concepts of self defense. This class is strictly Fun~n~Fitness. Please contact us for information on our competitive Olympic boxing programs.

Coaches Challenge / all fitness levels

Fight Intensity Interval Training. Workout like a fighter and get in shape like one with our F.I.I.T boot camp. Our fighting inspired workouts are sure to enhance your cardio while building lean muscle. This 12 round boot camp is broken up by 3 minutes with 30 seconds of active rest. This boot camp is for  all levels. You can expect all your favorite fighting workouts including sit ups, jump rope, shadow boxing, free weight training, box jumps, ball slams, footwork, uphill sprints and so much more.