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The Peoples CHAMPS

Champ Camp takes pride in giving back to the community.

Champ Camp Donates its facility to the elite “Louisville Select” Boxing team. Olympic level boxers come in weekly utilizing the space to be creators of their own future. The teams head Coach Nicholas Barris has shut out the national competition with a team team record of 259-33 and climbing. His coaching abilities are outstanding and his interpersonal relationship with the community speaks for itself.

Knock Out Against Child Abuse

Champ Camp has worked directly with Knock Out Against Child Abuse in 2018 and 2019, training 2 novice White Collar Traders to battle it out and raise funds to help against the alarming rate of sex abuse, specifically in Houston Texas. Champ Camp couldn’t be more proud of the participants and the hard work they put in for 5 consecutive months.

Knock Out Child Abuse Boxing Event at Reverie benefiting the Children’s Assessment Center

Each year KnockOut Against Child Abuse has raised over 1 million dollars!